e diel, 22 korrik 2007

Scout Camp

Soo. im going to scout camp at 4:00!! in the morning tomorrow. I am working on 4 merit badges right now and they are... Riflerey , archery, reptile study, and repelling. umm thats it . im out.

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Laura tha...

I hope you had fun on your camp out! Gabe just came home from his too. I sure do love you. Can't wait for you to come visit me.

Misery Loves Company tha...

I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I am proud of your hard work this summer. Thanks for helping out with Loves' yard and working hard at scout camp. I'll be missin' you!! Nana

AuntieM tha...

I'm really glad you went to camp. I still use the things I learned a girls camp. Of course I've been going to girls camp for 20 years. But I know that you will only be blessed as you continue on the Eagle trail. Look up your wards scout leadr when you get home. He can help you a lot. Love you so much. Auntie M

Misery Loves Company tha...

Hey buddy, its' time for a new post....how is school? How is THAT girl? Write something, "K? love you!!