e premte, 28 nëntor 2008

e mërkurë, 5 nëntor 2008

Family night. me n abby teamed up in Apples to Apples.

e martë, 30 shtator 2008

DANG!! We were SMALL and CHUBBY!!

e diel, 10 gusht 2008

Dude i love pictures.
Tys are BUGGIN!

Soooo Soft

e shtunë, 9 gusht 2008

Jus Chillin

Chillin with my buddy Bob.

Ay Mattt U remember This Aligator? it use to be urs. Then u went on ur mission.
P.S. ur soliditos are coming.

e enjte, 17 korrik 2008


Few more days till Nana's. I guess Mattt wants to drive all night to get there. K jus needed to post sumthin.

e martë, 8 korrik 2008

Chillin with TT.

Clingon for life.

e diel, 6 korrik 2008

Everyone liken tha page? Blues my fav color... im tryin for it to match.

e enjte, 3 korrik 2008

Sorry, no pictures

I am done with my root canal and It was gay! The only good part was the laughing gas! That's about it.

e mërkurë, 2 korrik 2008


Im showin Nana Support.. Thought of it last night, so we all did it.

I love ya Nana.

e hënë, 30 qershor 2008


Soo... on Thursday I'm getting a ROOT CANAL! this is gonna suck so bad! I'm in so much pain i cant stand it! The tooth their Gonna Canal is my very front tooth. how sucky is that!? my entire top lip and gums are swollen and throbbing. The dentist wasn't a dentist, he was a root canal doctor. that's all he does! he went for school just for that. He said that i had 2 choices, 1: He pulls out the tooth (not happening!), 2: I get a root canal. I'm on 3 different drugs, Amoxicillin, Ibuprophen, and Hydrocodone(Lortab). Ill post pics later. I love you all. Of any of u have had a Root Canal, please leave me a comment and tell me what its like and any tips you have. Thanks.

e enjte, 13 shtator 2007

Its weird.. Reading has always been my strong point in school and NEVER being good at math.. But now im in algebra and my grade is 82.8% B and a 61.3% D in reading..
It flipped on me.. I also find Algebra easier than when I had Pre-Algebra.
hmm. o well

e mërkurë, 12 shtator 2007

Sorry... Its kinda late.. My internet has been down for a while soo.

e martë, 21 gusht 2007

Soo. Well highschool pretty much sucks, other than all my friends. I got all As and Bs soo far. algebra sucks and soo does Chem Physics. I dont have any thing else to say. but everything is alot more boring at home and i kinda dont want to leave school because it sux here. thats it

e diel, 22 korrik 2007

Scout Camp

Soo. im going to scout camp at 4:00!! in the morning tomorrow. I am working on 4 merit badges right now and they are... Riflerey , archery, reptile study, and repelling. umm thats it . im out.

e enjte, 21 qershor 2007

Guess who just turned five!.. my little cousin Raef.
Happy Birthday Buddy.

e martë, 19 qershor 2007

My Colauge

You can make one of theese on photo shop..(newer version).


Ozzy-Dreamer - MyVideo

e mërkurë, 6 qershor 2007

Bust'in moves..

Bustin tricks
This a very meaningfull song to me

e martë, 5 qershor 2007

Dont worrie... their on safty

e hënë, 4 qershor 2007

I shaved tylers hed soo he shaved my Brows wen i was asleep.

When we got tha dog from Mexico

Baby maltie poo

I fell asleep on tha way to get the dog.