e hënë, 30 qershor 2008


Soo... on Thursday I'm getting a ROOT CANAL! this is gonna suck so bad! I'm in so much pain i cant stand it! The tooth their Gonna Canal is my very front tooth. how sucky is that!? my entire top lip and gums are swollen and throbbing. The dentist wasn't a dentist, he was a root canal doctor. that's all he does! he went for school just for that. He said that i had 2 choices, 1: He pulls out the tooth (not happening!), 2: I get a root canal. I'm on 3 different drugs, Amoxicillin, Ibuprophen, and Hydrocodone(Lortab). Ill post pics later. I love you all. Of any of u have had a Root Canal, please leave me a comment and tell me what its like and any tips you have. Thanks.

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Lisa Oslin tha...

I love you Cody. I wish I was there to take care of you. Be Brave and strong. It will only hurt for a minute. I miss you lots. Love Mom

AuntieM tha...

no root canal here but sending major hugs. I love your guts!It will be over soon and you will remember to care for your teeth because you never want to go through this again. Love you so much. Antie M